Nikolina Kupcevic


01.27.19 a thought on “trying”

“I want to be the greatest at what I do”

This statement is nonsensical. YOU are the greatest at what YOU do... YOU are the only one doing it?? No one else is doing exactly what you are, how could someone else beat you in your own game?What are we striving for?? We already have it? 

BELIEVE that you have it and you HAVE IT. Once you accept that you ARE the perfect version of yourself at any moment (that is who are you RIGHT NOW, past and future aren’t real), your life will flourish into pure beauty, because the perfect version of yourself made those decisions to continue being the perfect version of yourself. 

“There is no such thing as trying, only being”... so do not TRY to be better person, a more successful person, a healthier person, a more open minded person, a more spiritual person... be it. 

01.26.19 a beautiful paradox

I am grateful. I am grateful for life, for all in it, how blessed I am with love and positivity around me. I feel like it’s all cultivating this way for me to flourish and breakthrough. I see it. The divine magic of life is so real and I have touched it in the flesh so many times. My soul has burst into a thousand pieces like confetti popping out of balloon during those moments. At those moments the main thing running through my mind is “i can do anything”. It feels as though moments were the truest, purest times of my life. Those moments where my own soul fled my body and looked my human self in the eye. My greatest discovery since my first moment like this, was that these moments can be induced. 

I am grateful for my brain. I am grateful that I have been given the advanced ability to remove all expectations of ideas and come up with the most absurd. Absurd enough that majority of those who see them brush them off due to zero familiarity. We are humanly scared of new, but our souls crave it. I know that this gift is leading me to magic. It has brought me to those that see my absurd for all the truth and rawness that it is. For anyone who can relate, may we please continue stripping away expectation. We make art for ourselves primarily. A beautiful, beautiful  paradox exists in our reality: when we create art solely for our own souls, without trying to please anyone, the richest connections are made. If your art is understood or speaks to ONE person on the highest frequency there is, you’ve done your job. I’m writing this because I am learning to go back to my core. I’m learning to forget about everyone in order to connect to everyone, and I wish everyone would do the same. Let’s break the limits, shall we?

04.11.18 Who you are is irrelevant

"The moments we are happiest, are the moments that we don't exist". This is the bridge from Kali Uchis' song "In My Dreams". When you're lost in a song or in a kiss or in a book or in conversation or in the eternal painting in the sky that is clouds, you forget who you are. You forget your name, your likes/dislikes, and any labels attached to your identity. You forget what you're supposed to do tomorrow, or what you were supposed to do yesterday. You even forget your biggest dreams and aspirations because even those are less relevant than your complete presence in what you're doing. We evaporate our identities daily, we just don't notice. We exit our so called "selves" more than we know. Isn't it a little ironic that this happens when we're at our happiest? Why are we so attached to these ideas of self that consistently put us in a box? You are ever changing. All you are is an eternal energy dancing in a body. Let's keep our identities here for organization sake, but I promise once you let the energy flow, once you notice yourself getting lost in those moments, your "identity" will simply vanish, and you'll become your IDENTITY, which is everything and nothing at the same time.




You are reading this because something enticed you to be here.

You are here because you are coexisting in human form with a bunch of other human forms.

When you smile at one of the other humans forms, they smile back; it's contagious. This is not regular, this is magic.

It's time for us to admit to ourselves that we, are living in a magical reality.

This is not absurd, or scary, it's indescribably beautiful.

Understand that you are a magician.

Use your magic to make the air sweet. Can we make existence fun for everyone? Are you helping make this happen?

Express yourself. Free yourself from expectations and judgements. You are free. We are free.


- Written by me for Laurier Creative Collective. You are the shift.



We can.... do.... whatever we want?


01.28.18 Music is

The most powerful form of art, and easily one of the most powerful and influential forces in our universe. The first time I heard Acid Rap was the first time I learned what music really is. Now I'd obviously heard really great music before this moment, but this was a pivotal point for my own growth because from then on I dove deep into the world of these infinite beautiful magical invisible vibrations that seem like they exist for the sole reason of bringing humans into the present. This moment happened when I was 18 and in a situation with a person that didn't make me feel comfortable or free. The person was pouring these unappetizing drops of sour ego onto my face, but had happened to play Acid Rap in the background. When I heard the happy buttery honesty drip from Chance's mind directly into mine (through recorded noises of a bunch of letters put together to mean something, uploaded onto this mass of floating information, and sent to me through codes that enter my ears... ...?) I felt okay. I LEARNED that the music was existing in the same space I was, that it was part of the air, the space. It was there to wrap me tight and give me hug and let me be still. No thoughts blocking my view from where I was, no made up noise, just a head and some sound waves dancing together in a field of infinitely widespread energy. Why do we all love music? Because we are all obsessed with the feeling of forgetting we have brains for a second. We start using our minds for AWARENESS instead of thought of future/past situations. We start noticing where we are, and we love it. We love it so much it makes us full body orgasm. I love night clubs and concerts because it's just a bunch of humans full-body orgasming in a room BECAUSE OF MUSIC!!! All we need is music to take us home, it's hilarious. Play music in a room where a lot of people are going to show up and charge them! It's genius. We take our most fundamental need of being in the moment and turn into these so called "escapes" and such. I mean why shouldn't we be this free all the time, and not just on the weekend (this is another story)? Isn't being in a mosh pit where EVERYONE has forgotten who they are and what they have to do tomorrow for a second, fully consumed by sound waves, one of the greatest things we get to experience? We're moving our body to a rhythm that we can't SEE, we simply feel it, and it's considered extremely normal. Knowing this, we STILL can't seem to trust our own judgement and feelings in other situations?? Next time think about this when you're at the club and let yourself feel really weirded out. Let yourself feel like a useless object in a simulation for a SECOND, and then jump right back into space and feel the incredible present-forcing mechanism we get to experience with the biggest smile on your face. Ok bye brains <3


01.25.18 Hi

Hi brains I’m going to share my super rough, barely edited thoughts with anyone who wants to read them because I have this weird force making me puke them out so I’ll go with it. It FEELS weird exposing another layer of already naked skin but let’s get more naked, let’s go swamp swimming and get dirty and gross. STAY TUUUUUUUUUUNED in.

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