Nikolina Kupcevic


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Art will save the world, we just have to let it. You just stared at my work and thought about nothing else but it for a couple seconds. Your mind was fully consumed by what you were seeing in the present moment. I hope you can take this mantra and look at the next tree you walk by, or the next smile you see in the same way. Don’t be stuck somewhere else. Art will save the world by bringing all of us to our core. Art is unimaginably powerful. Think about how a full-blown emotion or state of mind can be translated through invisible sound waves flowing through the air or through colourful goo on a canvas. Art in its most honest form can connect even the most shielded humans.

My name is Nikolina Kupčević and I am a 21 year old artist. I’ve been practicing art my whole life, but only realized the strength of my passion in 2016 and it’s been growing exponentially since. I am dedicated to adding to the collective growth of our world through art. Through my art, I attempt to promote states of mindfulness, mental peace, and questioning. We are more powerful than we think. Our thoughts, emotions and intentions are an energy stronger than our eyesight and it is strengthened when we engage with art. Art should be an everyday part of our life – it is the universal language that brings people together. I am dedicated to helping achieve this for our world. It’s colourful goo on a canvas and it makes you feel something………………………… …… …

Thank you for reading.

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